Azores Golf Islands

AZORES GOLF ISLANDS was a development project to build Golf Resorts on the Azorean Islands. The project included the 2 existing golf courses, Batalha Golf Course and Furnas Golf Course, and the construction of a third golf course, Faial Golf Course.

An urbanization project was created for Batalha Golf Course that included the construction of 110 touristic apartments on the North course, 21 touristic villas on the center course and 10 touristic villas on the South course on a first phase, and 320 touristic apartments on a second phase.

The project for Furnas Golf Course intended to renew the existing clubhouse, adapting it to receive more demanding international golf players.

The project for Faial Golf Course included the construction of an 18-hole golf course, a support clubhouse and a hotel on a total area of 115 acres.